is a touchy topic for us.

The use of a pun here may imply that we’re not serious about it, but we assure you that it’s quite the opposite.


Our parent company, Encube, has been manufacturing dermatological products for 21 years. As a playful offspring, we believe we’ve earned the right to make puns, don’t you agree?

If Confira is the enthusiastic skin nerd class-topper, then Encube is its experienced, all-knowing scientist-parent. A supportive ecosystem in the form of a state-of-the-art R&D; arm and a manufacturing plant ensures that our products have an attentive, loving home. With all of these resources at our disposal, foraying into skin-care was a no-brainer. Today’s definition of beauty needs a new standard, and we are gladly willing to rise to the challenge.


Never in all of time has there been such a focus on the concept of self-care as there is today. Looking after oneself is the most basic of lifestyles, and we are happy to see a mindful culture developing around it. Now, we’re not experts in mental health or fitness, but you know what we are experts in? Yes, that’s correct: Skin. Nothing delights us more than people sharing our enthusiasm for beautiful, healthy skin. To us, skin-care is a natural extension of self-care, and it also happens to be our passion.

While we appreciate being validated, we certainly don’t need the validation. Decades of research has assimilated into knowledge, which in turn has condensed into innovation that finally goes into each Confira product. We have put in the time and effort to ensure that we’re confident of our position on skin science. Through Confira, we are excited to pass on all that research, all that knowledge, all that innovation, and all that confidence, to you.


When we go in, we go all in. Any skin concern you can think of, we’re already on our way to devise solutions for. A holistic, daily skin regime is our ultimate objective; each Confiraproduct is designed to soothe, heal and nurture.

One of our main focus areas is the role that climate plays in skin care.Formulating products to suit India’s tropical weather is our biggest challenge, yet it is the one that we proudly take in our stride. Every day we experiment and apply the learnings to refine our products. With the double advantage of experience and expertise on our side, we constantly strive to get as close to the goal as possible.

Our products are currently undergoing the most stringent of tests to ensure that they meet our number one priority: your safety. Stay tuned as we are coming soon to an online shop near you.


We’re constantly working towards bringing forward the best solutions in skin care. If we stop learning, we stop growing. Your feedback is sincerely appreciated as it provides us an opportunity to learn.

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